Behind Les UltraViolettes, there is Juliette and it rhymes!


Bordeaux on the South West Atlantic coast. Perfect place to test our collections !


Grown-up in a suitcase at the mercy of my parents jobs,trips first to Madagascar and later to Congo and Argentina, I developed a taste for travelling abroad as well as in France (so beautiful!)..

My diploma in my pocket, i set up in Barcelona to work in a textile consulting agency and after that in the swimwear and lingerie industry.

Back in Paris some years later, I join the "Société Internationale de Lingerie" and worked with its beautiful brands such as Kenzo, Sonia Rykiel, Christian Lacroix, John Galliano, as export manager.

In 2011 further to those rich experiences, I decided to take up the gauntlet and to give birth to Les ultraViolettes brand concept!

From the idea right through to the launch, from the design to the distribution of ideal models in the shops, the adventure still goes on...

KEY WORDS : love, respect, well-being, natural.

From loving your partner to loving your friends, from loving your family to doing things for people, loving is to feel loved...

Respecting the elderly, respecting our differences, our opinions, respecting mother nature with simple daily acts becoming good habits.

Isn't well-being the much sought-after goal to achieve? A key thread to follow with care.

Being natural and laid back does not mean you have to compromize your sophistication. This is the philosophy of the brand.