Eco friendly collections

As you already understood, our UV sun protective swimwears are made with recycled polyamide elastane. 

Ecofriendly beachwear collections to be part of this positive momentum for our planet !

As we say in France "small rivers make great rivers"

Synthetic raw materials like polyamide and polyester are not natural but cheminal materials as they come from hydrocarbons.

Thus, using recycled raw materials giving them a second use strongly limits our environmental impact.

We produce sustainable collections thanks to the recovery of industrial and plastic waste which otherwise would have been thrown.

We supply two types of waste :

1/ plastic waste recovered at sea : plastic bags, plastic nets which imprison many marine species like marine turtles trapped inside nd many others...Those plastics are then crushed and processed into new yarns to fabricate our fabrics and new color ranges and prints.

2/ industrial waste from industrial activities which would be trashed without this type of recycling.

Our quality remains the same especially fabrics softness which is even better ;)

However difference is huge as it lies in the pleasure of using green raw materials and places the respect of the environment as the fundamental key for a durable future.

Our beachwear and swimwear outfit is eco friendly and produced to last and resist time.