Ethical and responsible manufacturing

Happy manufacturing 

I decided to produce my brand in Tunisia, on the other side of the Mediterranean sea because there is a strong know-how regarding swimwear and intimates manufacturing.

I wanted my collections to be as much affordable as possible therefore producing in Tunisia was the right compromise.

In order to reduce environmental impact involved by our products transport, we use transport by boat. We gather as much as possible our shipments in order to ship as little as possible. 

Some years ago, I had the chance to meet Nabila, a great woman who decided to create her own workshop in a country where generally women are neither owners nor managers.

Nabila is employing conscientiousness women with precious know-how who are given independence and fair wages.

Quality takes precedence over quantity. We prefer to launch small quantities which can explain sometimes size breaks...

Then we reorder some quantities but we do not want to overproduce. 

We keep in touch very often, we visite each other at least once a year and there is mutual trust between us.

Faithful to each other, we work together with joy.