The brand

"Feeling good about myself, feeling good in my swimwear"

For each figure, a Les ultraViolettes swimsuit ! for each figure, a UV nice looking outfit !

Because finding a nice swimwear, well adapted to your body is not that easy, because protecting your skin from UV rays while remaining feminine is a challenge, I decided to take the plunge with a first collection of UV swimwear and beachwear launched in 2012.

Stylish & eco-friendy

A modern, chic, colorful line associated to UV sun protective fabrics bringing softness and well being.

Fabrication is made of industrial waste recycling in order to create new yarns to produce our collection fabrics. We use as well recycled yarns coming from waste and garbage taken from the sea like fishing nets, plastic waste like bottles...

The clothing industry is one of the most polluting in the world, therefore it is important to try to reduce as much as possible brand environment impact by using recycled raw materials.

Our collections ? Multiple !


To feel "pretty in a swimsuit", with numerous shapes so that everyone can find their own while enjoying the softness of our materials made of recycled polyamide & elastane to be comfortable and happy.


We developed a collection of maternity swimwear with shapes adapted to round bellies.

Mums to be can also enjoy the softness of our UV fabrics, feel good and be protected while expecting baby in a swimsuit !


Finally we could not resist developing a range of the adult line for kids!

Swimsuits, bikinis, boxer shorts for boys, rash vests, tunics.... so that kids (and parents) can play smart and safe in the sun!


In addition to our swimwear lines, you can enjoy a small collection of lingerie and nursing lingerie. As for the swim, our lingerie brings comfort, quality, timeless shapes to be worn everyday.

Our fabrication

On the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, in Tunisia.

We have the chance to produce our lines in a great workshop with valuable know-how managed by a wonderful woman.

Nabila is managing a team of active women, technicians with magic fingers who produce with a lot of care our products.

We are happy to contribute to give them a correct salary and help them to be independent.

Benefits :

- A sustainable fashion proposed at the fairest prices to ensure that everyone has an adequate income for the work carried.

- A lot of water saved.

- Tons of CO2 saved.

- Having fun to be useful & make you happy !