UV Sun protection

UV Sun protection

Like the famous "Les Parisiennes" of "Kiraz" I love so much, "Les UltraViolettes" is a community of women who agree with the idea that it is possible to mix UV sun protection and fashion. 

Here, at "Les UltraViolettes", we protect you against UVA and UVB up to 99% (UPF50+ ultraviolet protection factor) guaranteeing  Australian UV protective standard (AS/NZS 4399:1966) on all our models.

This UV sun protection incorporated in all our swimwear and beachwear collections is part of our brand DNA.

Our UV sun protection is a great added value if you look for a nice swimwear to feel comfortable and beautiful.

Our UV Sun protection is a true solution when you are not allowed to stay under the sun and you are looking for a good-looking UV sun protective outfit.

Did you know?

Ultraviolet rays are divided into 3 categories: UV-A rays representing about 95 % of UV rays that reach the Earth surface with a quite substantial wave length (400-315 nm), average wave length (315-280 nm) UV-B rays that do not get past superficial skin layers because they are well absorbed by melanin (superficial skin layer), short wave length (280-100 nm) UV-C rays that are the most harmful and fortunately totally stopped by the atmosphere ozone layer and do not reach the Earth surface. Hopefully!!!

Ultraviolet rays go through the atmosphere, regardless of the kind of weather shiny or cloudy, hot or cold! They are more numerous between midday and 4 PM and at a high altitude. They are reflected by water, sand, grass and snow!

Why is it important to be protected from UV effects?

The sun is useful to improve one’s mood, to have fun, and to carry out the Vitamin D synthesis process, however it can become harmful if we love it too much! UVA rays are responsible for an immediate suntan effect since they can enter the skin’s deepest layers. They play a role in skin ageing and in the appearance of wrinkles. UVB rays operate with delayed-actions. These are responsible for burns and the development of bad skin diseases.

Ultraviolet rays exposure have a cumulative effect: skin damage starts very young and even if it is not noticed, it grows all along our lives. Frequently body areas exposed to the sun are obviously more risky however wrinkles, burns and skin sicknesses can appear everywhere!

THE 10 UltraViolettes GOLDEN RULES!

1/ To protect yourself, adopt the total look!

Chose nice bikinis, swimsuits, sarongs, t-shirts, hats, scarves with UPF50+ UV sun protection and fashion sunglasses (large ones, CE 3 or 4 category).

2/ Put inside your IT beach bag, your favourite Sunscreen (UPF 30 minimum)!

Smart advise: Spread out your great sunscreen at least half an hour before going to the sun because sunscreen effect on skin is not immediate! Same thing when you get out of the water like Ursula Andress in « James Bond against Doctor No » or if you have sweated (in that case, it is not too glamorous….)!

Therefore, what you must remember is that you will never use too much sunscreen so apply it with generosity every 2 hours on exposed areas!

3/ Try to avoid sunshine at hottest hours.

Don’t bask in the sun when it is in the zenith except if your dream is to end up completely crumpled ;-(!

4/ Protect babies and children particularly.

Be proud to set them the good example! Until puberty, their natural defences are immature. Their skin and their eyes are more sensitive and more exposed. So, take care of your little angels including when they stand under a sunshade.

5/ Don’t trust false security sensations.

UV rays do not always produce heat! On the seaside or at the countryside, when there are clouds, it is windy and fresh, there could be a lot of reflecting UV. Treacherous rays!! However, they won’t mislead you since you are informed now!!

6/ Avoid sunburns.

Once suntanned, don’t stop using sunscreen, it will reduce sun damage and allow you to keep your great tan longer than the others, isn’t it wonderful?

7/ Escape from artificial UV.

They increase cancers risks and accelerate skin ageingso escape from tanning centers and keep your money to fall in love with beautiful Italian ice creams!!! So refreshing!!!

8/ Beware of medication, deodorants and perfume.

In contact with the sun, they can result in allergies and serious burnsso take a break from your favourite elixir. If you are really addicted and separation seems impossible, check the rules with your doctor before departure.

9/ Eat healthy!

A healthy diet, vitamin and oligo-element supplements will help your skin to fight against aggressions so be beautiful inside, and it will eventually show on the outside!!! Check it out!!!

10/ Don't forget your common sense!

And what if that’s really what it is all about? Common sense.